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June 18, 2016 | ANDROID | by Aswinbalaji

Piechart is a graph that display datas in circle and then diplays the percentage of those datas, While android does not provide built-in view for pie view ( as I know), so we have to use the third party View to display pie chart. In this project I do not create the PiewView widget from […]



June 18, 2016 | ANDROID | by Aswinbalaji

Most of Popular android apps especially in messenger app such as WhatsApp, BBM, Path, and Facebook Messenger display our profile pictures in circular shape. While android built-in views or widgets does not provide ImageView in circular shape, so the question is how to make the imageview to be circular. Well The answer is that we […]


old Android Wear watches may not get the latest software update

June 13, 2016 | ANDROID | by Aswinbalaji

Proud owners of the first Android Wear watches that ever went on sale may find themselves lagging behind the newer models, because they won’t receive the latestAndroid Wear 2.0 software update. Announced in May, the update isn’t revolutionary, but it does add some great new features, including smarter watch faces, message improvements, and better fitness […]


T-Mobile now pushing Marshmallow update for BlackBerry Priv

June 12, 2016 | ANDROID | by Aswinbalaji

T-Mobile is now pushing the Marshmallow update out for BlackBerry Priv owners. The update has been available for unlocked Priv’s for some time, but it is great to see T-Mobile sending it out to its customers. With Marshmallow, you’ll have the enhanced permission controls, Doze, adaptable storage and much more. Beginning June 13, the BlackBerry […]


Android Studio 2.2 Preview – New UI Designer & Constraint Layout

May 21, 2016 | ANDROID | by Aswinbalaji

Android Studio 2.2 Preview includes a portfolio of new features along the spectrum of developments, ranging from designing user interfaces to building and debugging your app in new ways. This preview includes the following new categories of features: Design  Layout Editor: A new user interface designer that helps you visually design the layouts in your […]


Dalvik Virtual Machine | DVM

January 13, 2016 | ANDROID | by Aswin Balaji

As we know the modern JVM is high performance and provides excellent memory management. But it needs to be optimized for low-powered handheld devices as well. The Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM) is an android virtual machine optimized for mobile devices. It optimizes the virtual machine for memory,battery life and performance. Dalvik is a name of a town in Iceland. The […]


Why Android ?

January 3, 2016 | ANDROID | by Aswin Balaji

Features of Android Android is a powerful operating system competing with Apple 4GS and supports great features. Few of them are listed below: Feature Description Beautiful UI Android OS basic screen provides a beautiful and intuitive user interface. Connectivity GSM/EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, NFC and WiMAX. Storage SQLite, a lightweight relational […]

Android App Widgets

December 29, 2015 | ANDROID | by Aswin Balaji

Hello Friends, Today I am here with new learning “how to create widgets for your application” like you see calender, calculator, Facebook, whether widgets on your phone in widget section. It is very simple to create your own app widget, follow below step to make it done- 1)Create a demo project i.e.- AppWidgetDemo 2)Create a […]

How to Inegrate In App Purchase Billing in Android : In App Purchase Demo In Android : Billing Services in Android : Payment Getaway in Android

December 29, 2015 | ANDROID | by Aswin Balaji

Hello Friends! Today I am going to share very useful blog for In App Purchase in Android. Google provide In App Billing faculty in Android. In App Purchase is a very easy and secure way for make payment online. Please follow my blog step by step- 1)Create a new Project in Android. 2)Create class. […]