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Best & Worst Laptop Brands(2016)

February 4, 2016 | INTERESTING CONCEPT | by Aswin Balaji

  The most important question we try to answer at Laptop Mag is the following: “What laptop should I buy?” It’s a question with many facets and tons of possible answers. But, often, a good place to start is to decide which brand deserves your hard-earned dollars. Thus, we examine all the biggest notebook makers […]


Repairing Mobile Phones with Tools

January 19, 2016 | INTERESTING CONCEPT | by Aswin Balaji

When selecting tools and equipment for repairing mobile cell phones, it is important to select the best tools. Cheap or inexpensive tools and equipment may not be handy when repairing a mobile phone. On the other hand, best quality little expensive tools and equipment will help you to repair a mobile phone easily and comfortable. […]


Mobile Testing Tools

January 18, 2016 | INTERESTING CONCEPT | by Aswin Balaji

As mobile applications become more and more important for businesses and consumers expecting higher quality apps for mobile devices, testing teams need to adapt and get ready to verify and evaluate mobile apps as part of their projects. Evaluating the quality of mobile devices is especially resource-intensive and time-consuming, especially as automating tests for mobile […]


Ten Windows 10 problems – and how to fix them

January 6, 2016 | INTERESTING CONCEPT | by Aswin Balaji

Microsoft’s latest operating system has – rightly – earned plaudits: Windows 10 takes a big step forward from the rock-solid and much-loved Windows 7, and it goes a long way to fixing the mis-step that was Windows 8. Now we’ve all had a chance to live with it for a few months, though, its imperfections and […]


How to remove Shortcut Virus in Pendrive and PC

December 30, 2015 | INTERESTING CONCEPT | by Aswin Balaji

Computer Virus infection is only removed through antivirus programs as you know, but this time we are talking about Shortcut Virus which is a new modern virus automatically comes in your computer/USB/SD card and convert your content into a shortcut. Some time this virus also invisible your all contents. The first thing I really got mad for […]